Spring Growth Sale

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Explore our SPRING GROWTH SALE showcasing three enriching 'Ontogony Study Paths' to nurture your development and deepen your learning journey with Carlos de León. As nature undergoes its seasonal transformation, let us embrace the beauty of change and seize the opportunities it brings this spring!

Judeo-Christian Kabbalah (Year One)

with Carlos de León
Online Growth Group: 24 Classes

Embark on a journey through Kabbalistic interpretations of Biblical wisdom: Unearth insights and meditative techniques from the depths of Genesis and beyond. Studying the Bible facilitates personal transformation and the experience of Divine Grace. Please note that prerequisites apply.

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Taoism, Alchemical Meditation (Year One)

with Carlos de León
Online Growth Group: 20 Classes

Experience Taoist reality through immersive alchemical meditations. Delve into foundational theory to fuel your personal transformation journey, culminating in pursuing personal transformation and liberation, or what the Taoists call 'Immortality'.

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Shamanism, a Path of Liberation (Year One)

with Carlos de León
Online Growth Group: 30 Classes

Discover the essence of Carlos de León's teachings rooted in Shamanism and Healing. Unlock your innate magic and healing abilities as you journey into the realms of the Great Mystery. Experience a profound infusion of meaning, a newfound capacity to inspire and share, and a deep desire to catalyze change and growth.

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