Ontogony’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Grace of Tara Transmission & Practice

Free Monthly Meditation, Live-Streaming with Carlos de León
Hosted in Spanish with Simultaneous English Translation

Open to All! Invite your Friends!
September 15, 2023, Live-Streaming Gathering! 

Students and friends of Ontogony are invited to gather for our Live-Streaming 10th Anniversary Celebration and receive, from Carlos de León,  the transmission and practice of the Grace of Tara. Celebrating this new cycle for Ontogony, Carlos offers this practice in gratitude for continuing Ontogony teaching, live and online, worldwide.

Everyone is welcome at our 'Anniversary Celebration and Transmission of the Grace of Tara'. This is a time for embracing one another and bringing forth the best in ourselves, expressing gratitude to those we love and appreciate, and joining together in hopes of bringing more peace and beauty to the future of our world.

We invite you to join us for this final session in the series of Wind Horse Tara with Carlos de León; (and the previous sessions, if you missed them!)  

Complete the Online Survey (Click Here to complete the Survey!) before September 13, 2023, and be entered in a DRAW held during the Anniversary Celebration to win a Scholarship Gift Card. 

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About the Practice:

The Grace of Tara Practices provides extraordinary support in difficult moments. Arya Tara—Noble Tara—is a Buddha who, long ago, promised always to assist living beings to reach enlightenment.

We feel blessed and grateful to be on this journey together, and we would love to hear some of your personal stories. How has Grace touched your life? Is there a significant event you experienced that was beyond explanation? Do you have a message, a poem, or a short story to share from your “moments of Grace”? If you would forward it in a note, perhaps it could be part of the Online 10th Anniversary Celebration Event hosted by Carlos on September 15, 2023.

Please join us on September 15, 2023! Receive blessings from a beautiful practice of Tara and enjoy our growing community of students—a beautiful collection of unique individuals who share a desire for growth and transformation and are courageous enough to have their lives guided by Grace.

And, if you are willing to share an experience with Grace, send us your submission. We are accepting pieces for review and selection until September 5, 2023. Please forward them to info@ontogony.com, and one of the Event Coordinators will contact you.

Let us celebrate our individual and collective journeys, growth, and future visions for contribution, hope, compassion, and presence.

Date: Friday, September 15, 2023

Times: 11:00 hours (Vancouver), 12:00 hours (CDMX) 20:00 hours (Madrid)

Location: Ontogony Zoom & Web Virtual Classroom

Gathering Format: Live Streaming Gathering & Practice Session (1.5 hours)

Please Note: If you have not already registered for the "Wind Horse Tara Series", enrollment is required for the event due to limited space in the Zoom Online Classroom. You can register by clicking here.