Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy


Deep healing is required for most of us to reclaim, or integrate a vision that produces a better personal reality; for us to achieve what we call Clarity. Where there is a lack of clarity, one engages in life from a place ego and self-importance, often trapped by one’s own projections and habitual or karmic patterns.

Ontogony offers Body-Mind and Transpersonal approaches to healing that encourage Clarity: the developed ability to observe and interpret reality, and to respond creatively. That is to say, to respond in ways not dictated by neurosis and karma; but chosen in accordance with one’s preferences for love, freedom, grace and enjoyment.

The roots of the name Ontogony are from the Greek ontos ‘being’ and gonos ‘realization’. Ontogony, therefore, is the search for the realization of being, and understanding the totality of the person as the being and understanding realization as the experience of our full potential. The therapeutic process is one of discovery and acceptance and transformation within the limits of our present reality.

The vision of Ontogony includes a profound, and usually unconscious, part in all of us that is pure consciousness. It holds unlimited potential, the nature of which is inherently loving and wise. Pure consciousness is at the root of all experience. It is our limited awareness, our basic ignorance, that causes the suffering and stagnation. It is the goal of Ontogonic Body Mind Therapy to dispel the ignorance and reveal or recover the reality of our own true nature  -  this pure consciousness. 

The psychotherapeutic process facilitates the emergence of repressed material which we learn to receive with observation and acceptance, and without judgment. As we refine the observer and allow all experience in the Here and Now, we begin authentically to integrate our being. Spontaneous, automatic and natural integration occurs. Everything we assimilate brings us closer to pure consciousness and opens us increasingly to the free flow of energy and awareness.

Therapy is a path of growth and integration; of expansion and awakening that leads to better relationships with self and others, to less conflict, to more empowerment, creativity and joy. It can also be a path to liberation.

Dr. Carlos de León

"Our therapeutic work involves a delicate balance of complex ideas, models, and techniques, together with an absolute simplicity."

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