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Live-Streaming with Carlos de León
September 5, 2023, thru June 4, 2024

Presented in Spanish with Simultaneous English Translation
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Join Carlos de León for the second year of an in-depth study and practice group on Taoism, Alchemical Meditation; a philosophy and way of understanding perfection and liberation with practices for cultivating health, longevity, wisdom, alchemical meditation, and realization.

The second year of this live-streaming online growth group continues with the next steps of the process started in year one. It offers a deeper understanding of the approach to Taoist reality through the practice of “The Eight Books of the Wu Ji Gong," a treaty of Taoist meditation inspired by the Eight Trigrams of the Pakua. Group time emphasizes explaining the techniques, practicing them online, and inviting the practice into daily life, supporting personal transformation and liberation, or what the Taoists call "immortality.

Year One covered the foundations and only the first two books, Earth and Wind. In Year Two, Carlos continues the profound teachings of the remaining six:

  • Zhen – Thunder
  • Dui – Lake
  • Li – Fire
  • Qian – Heaven
  • Kan – Water
  • Gen – Mountain

Ontogony aims to integrate ancient wisdom by creating more efficient practices for our modern times. Our approach is “Wu Ji Gong”, or the ‘Cultivation of the Limitless’. It paraphrases the words of Chuang Tzu and is the intention and goal of this growth group experience.

The Limitless (Wuji) produces the delimited, and this is the Absolute (Taiji). The Taiji produces two forms, named Yin and Yang. The two forms produce four phenomena: lesser yang, great yang (tai yang also means the Sun), lesser yin, and great yin (tai yin also means the Moon). The four phenomena act on the eight trigrams (bagua); eight eights are sixty-four hexagrams.

We will also continue studying the Tao Te Ching, or “The Way and Its Power,” one of the most beautiful representations of Taoist vision.  This collection of poetry and sayings from around the third and fourth centuries B.C.E. is a guide to Taoist thought and action, whose author is traditionally believed to be the philosopher Lao Tzu.

“Tao is a bottomless ship;
Used by itself, it is not filled with the World;
It cannot be cut, limited, hidden or immobilized; Its depths are hidden, ubiquitous and eternal;
I don't know where it comes from;
It came before Nature”.
~Tao Te Ching

One of Taoism’s central ideas is the belief in balancing forces, yin and yang, representing matching pairs such as light and dark, hot and cold, and action and inaction, working together toward a universal whole. Yin and yang show that everything in the universe is connected and that nothing makes sense, or even exists, by itself.

This online growth and practice group is for people who wish to:

  • Explore the depths of Taoism as a universal path to knowing the Self and a greater reality;

  • Discover, through cultivating an awareness of the Tao, new personal experiences and, most importantly, surrendering to the One:

  • Integrate goals of living with a philosophy that embraces an Integrative, Ecological, and Evolutionary approach to living in this Creation;

  • Experience an ongoing process of growth and transformation through Taoism, a path adapted to the student's personal development.

Taoism seeks to live at peace with oneself, others, and the world of change; it advocates for conscious experience and the completeness of who we are.

Through exploring the cosmic universe, we uncover levels beyond the physical that reveal possibilities for our future development. It is a time of healing and interconnectedness with all that exists and on all levels of the soul!

For acceptance into the growth group, a student must have completed Taoism, Alchemical Meditation (Year One), with Carlos de León. It is a prerequisite for anyone registering for Taoism, Alchemical Meditation (Year 2).

If you want to join the first year, click here to register. 

Carlos de León, the founder of  Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as   Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms. Read more...

Language: Hosted in Spanish with Simultaneous English Translation

Format: Live-Streaming Growth Group of 20 sessions (2.5 hours each). Class times may extend based on program content and student questions.

Location: Ontogony Zoom & Web Virtual Classroom

Time: 11:00 hours (Vancouver). To ensure you have the correct local time for your classes, please bookmark the following link: Time and Date.


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