A Kiss of the Divine


Who has not caught their breath at the sight of freshly fallen snow? The familiar is transformed into the strange—bright and beautiful. The light and hush seem to redefine reality, the landscape is lovely, and even a grimy city street takes on a temporary freshness and purity. At Ontogony, we are as fascinated by transformation as we are by metaphor. So, in this season of enchantments, we thought to dwell a moment on the magical aspect of snow.

Mysticism teaches us that everything in the physical universe has a spiritual counterpart. Water, in its many forms, is associated with both divine wisdom and life itself, and the forms of water—from teardrops to oceans—are charged with emotional content and symbolic meaning. Snow, as an intermediary state that is neither liquid (water) nor solid (ice), has symbolic implications that seem worth exploring!

As with snow, the consistency is of separate flakes that, while clinging together, do not merge. Snowflakes are individual units with independent properties, each comprised of about 100 crystals in a unique crystalline structure. Beyond cold air, at least two more things are required for their formation: a water droplet, in vapor form, and a nucleus, made up of dust, minerals, or some other microscopic particle in the air, which the cold then crystallizes. So, snow has components both of earth (the particles) and water (the vapor). We see the earth as symbolic of the material world (lacking awareness of spirit) and the water as representing wisdom, the knowledge of G-d (divine energy without containment). Snow then becomes an intermediary between the two worlds: a channel of energy and a divine voice speaking through visual imagery that we can experience with our bodily senses.

As Ontogony students know, a good teacher teaching new or difficult subject matter will find analogies and metaphors, or points of reference to which the student can relate. It is said that King Solomon (the wise one) spoke in 3,000 metaphors. This idea of educating through metaphor is greatly elaborated by gematria, the Hebrew study of numerical meanings and symbols. And there, we find "sheleg" "snow,”) synonymous with the very concept of metaphor, with the numerical equivalent of three times the letter alef—in other words, the very same 3,000!

Maybe the enduring mystique of snow rests, however unconsciously, in this story of water meeting land, of Heaven meeting Earth. That is a meeting we constantly long for, a meeting most welcome. Perhaps in this, the season most likely to include these lovely white flakes gently falling, we can think … or remember… that we are being kissed by the Divine.

We feel inspired by our growing community of students, this beautiful collection of unique individuals, who share a desire for growth and transformation, who are curious about what lies beneath the surface, courageous enough to step down new paths! We hope you will join our holiday gathering, share in the toast, and celebrate the gifts of the past year, which certainly include being on this journey together and with a teacher who, in addition to knowledge and wisdom, has compassion, an open heart, and a sense of humour. 



Holiday Celebration: White Tara, Snowflake Protection Practice with Carlos de León

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Time: 11:00 hours (Vancouver), 1:00 hours (Mexico CDMX) 21:00 hours (Madrid)

Location: Ontogony Zoom & Web Virtual Classroom

We recommend that you register in advance for the event, as we have limited space in the Zoom Classroom!




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