Spiritual and Meditation Teachings


Ontogony courses offer ideas and practices drawn from a variety of spiritual traditions; many well known, some hardly at all. Though a lifetime of dedicated study and decades of practitioner experience, Carlos has curated teachings and “technologies”, meditations and practices, that are fascinating in their depth and detail and unified in their focus: the discovery and cultivation of True Nature.

Ontogony believes that we are inherently spiritual. The challenges lie in our limited ability to recognize it; to accurately observe and interpret our reality. Therefore in any spiritual practice - no matter the path - it is essential to refine the Observer. That is how the higher mind becomes aware of the Self in all its dimensions. It is how we untangle perception and projection about reality. As we achieve some clarity about Who we really are, we begin to experience our authentic relationship with the Universe.

Ontogony, as a spiritual and meditation path, heads intentionally towards the Purification and Development of the Observer and the Expansion our energetic capacities for Awareness, Clarity, and Consciousness. Without strengthening these capacities - despite a faith, however strong - we do not get to penetrate True Nature and live in the light of the Divine. 

To purify the observer and expand consciousness in more direct ways, Ontogony offers practices from various spiritual traditions, teaching a variety of observation and meditation techniques that centuries of use have proven to be effective, simple, and direct. We give special focus to Shaivist Tantra and Kabbalah meditation practices, as well as practices of Buddhist teachings from the Vajrayana, Zen, Mahamudra, Bön and Dzogchen schools.

In the state of meditation, the integration of the personal consciousness with the vast, impersonal and primordial ocean of information is experienced. The specific ceases to exist; everything is the absolute All.


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