Energy Development Path


The Ontogonic approach recognizes that we participate in an open energy system that sustains and contributes to our well-being; and, to an important extent, regulates our ability to grow, transform and evolve. There are practices and “technologies,” both ancient and modern, that help to build, purify and manage our energy with significant, often life-changing, outcomes.

Chi Kung is one example; or Qigong, as it is known in China, where it was held a secret for centuries and reopened to the public less the two generations ago. Chi Kung is a system of postures, movements, meditations and breathing techniques which allow us to work with the pure life force (chi), expanding our capacities and moving our lives in new ways.

Whether called Chi or any of the other names by which it is studied or known (the Sanskrit Prana, the Japanese Ki, Mana of the Old Testament, or Orgone, Bioplasm, X-force, etc., in more modern times) the unconditioned presence of the universal energy field is like a river flowing in the direction of our evolution. Gradually, our awareness and understanding expand to comprehend the true nature of our energetic reality.

All that is known and unknown, the physical and the subtle, is Energy. We are energy. And, while it is not easy to discuss energy, it is harder still to discuss consciousness and/or that pure, primordial consciousness which we might call Love. Through science, particularly quantum mechanics, one senses the beginnings of a bridge that may one day connect all this, enabling our discussions and unifying our theories.

In the meantime, we are free to explore teachings and practice technologies that relieve tension, dissolve blockages, promote health, strength, courage and wisdom on all the levels of our being, from the densest to the subtlest. The development of consciousness depends on our work with energy. If we want to raise the level of consciousness, we must raise the level of energy. Likewise, a change in our state of consciousness means a direct change in our energy.

A real key, therefore, to self-growth is the adequate handling of our energy. We should use it not only to unblock ourselves, but to grow and change our reality as well. Whether spiritual or psychological, all paths of self-development involve ways of managing energy in its different forms. 

When we work with our energy, whether we realize it or not, we are working on the mind, the emotions and the body at all its levels. The depth and quality of our experience in the here-and-now will depend on the amount of energy available to us. Powerful and pure energy permits the intense, transcendent experiences that we associate with Love or the Divine. As a committed practitioner, one can learn to exchange Chi with the universe, harmoniously transferring energy to benefit all living beings. This form is, in itself, a path.

Dr. Carlos de León

"Loving divine synchronicity and, through it, loving ourselves and others, this is the goal of energy management."

– From Returning to the Flow, by Carlos de León


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