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Session One: Wood: Regeneration - Available Online!
Session Two: Fire: Expansion - Available Online!
Session Three: Earth: Stability - Available Online!
Session Four: Metal: Concentrated or Compacted - Available Online!
Session Five: Water: Conservation - Available Online!

Welcome to a five-part series; “Five Elements Chi Kung Transmissions,” facilitated by Tessy Bardavid. These sessions offer support to facilitate the integration of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, the Chinese/Taoist Five Elements system. In the sea of energy that is the universe, the elements are a metaphor (for the processes of nature, the cosmos, and the human body, mind, and spirit), expressing the interconnectedness of those energies.

The Taoist description of the Five Elements Generating Cycle of nature's pattern in which these elements feed, enhance, and support each other is:

  • Water flows down the mountain to be absorbed by plants and trees (Wood), causing them to grow upwards towards the light in the sky. 
  • Eventually, Fire consumes the woodlands, releasing the energy in a blazing inferno of pure unbridled energy. 
  • The fire creates ash, which settles into the ground to fertilize the soil, enhancing Earth. Bacteria and fungi in the soil synthesize life-supporting minerals (Metal). 
  • Over a more extended period, the soil is compressed into stone, eventually crystals, gems, and mineral deposits (Metal, Metal, and Metal). 
  • Through underground springs and waterways, and topsoil washing into rivers, lakes and oceans after rainfall, these minerals are absorbed into Water, thereby vitalizing and enhancing Water. 
  • This enriched Water is then absorbed by plants (Wood), and the whole cycle starts again.

Water represents winter. Plants and animals move downwards and inwards to hibernate and conserve energy. Seeds remain hidden in the ground, awaiting the perfect moment to awaken.

Wood represents spring when plants and seedlings push through the snow and dirt to meet the light. There is an expansion of energy upwards and outwards. There is a newness to the world, and fresh energy and life are everywhere.

In the summer, symbolized by fire, nature is alive with energy and activity. The sun is the brightest, and the days are the longest. 

This is called "Indian Summer," which is the season of the earth element. Here, nature is the most stable. The weather is fair, and the food is abundant. There is a sense of peace and contentment. Sometimes Earth is also seen as the time between seasons.

In the fall, the time of metal, nature begins to cool down. Trees lose their leaves, and animals store food and fat reserves for the winter. Here, life begins to condense, holding on to only what is necessary to survive and letting go of all the rest.

The Taoist Five Elements, natural forces, and basic energetic patterns are seen to underlie the universe's workings and provide a beautiful framework for understanding the workings of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us. 

Program Highlights:

  • Promote the health, harmony and longevity of the physical & subtle bodies through the practice of Chi Kung & the 5 Elements;
  • Benefit from an integrated alignment with the natural seasons to bring about new levels of well-being;
  • Discover how a daily Chi Kung practice helps manage the stress of daily life;
  • Integrate the 5 Elements into your conscious awareness, embracing the natural forces and energy patterns that underlie our universe!

We hope you will join us for this online series to receive the fruits of the practice of Chi Kung Transmission. Accept the Gift!  Register now.  

Learn more about 7 Lotus Chi Kung, an energy management system created by Carlos de León, who received the teachings and practices personally from exceptional masters in various Eastern and Western traditions.

In this presentation, Tessy Bardavid introduces a vision the 7 Lotus Path of Energy Management and Development. This profound system of Chi Kung was developed by Carlos de León, creator of Ontogony.

Strengthen your Immune System with Chi Kung~Access on Demand in Ontogony Classroom!

Learn a series of Taoist Chi Kung Practices to enhance your immune system, increase health and well-being, and strengthen and harmonize the flow of energy in the internal organs.

With close to 25 years of experience as a Chi Kung instructor, Tessy Bardavid is the author of five published books and manuals. She has studied with Dr. Carlos de León since 1992 and has dedicated her life to human development in formal and informal education. 

She is a body and transpersonal psychotherapist who gives motivational and team-building workshops for companies and sports groups based on the development of the Being. Since l995, Tessy has been an instructor in different styles of Martial Art: White Crane Kung Fu and Five White Animals of Shaolin.

Interested since childhood in health, clarity, the flow of energy, and the spirit, she is a lifelong learner and claims that, since 1992, Chi Kung has been a fundamental tool in her life. Because Tessy's inspiration is the HUMAN BEING, she joyfully facilitates processes that allow us to live with more pleasure, harmony, love, clarity.

Program Format: Five Online Sessions (30-40 minutes each).

Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 1 year from the time of enrolment.

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'The Chi Kung class with Tessy is magical, a gift from the universe. It is an awakening of sensations that I did not feel before, as well as, a connection with oneself and with everything that surrounds us. I love it, the more I do it, the more I want to learn and keep opening to that feeling and flow with everything!'   V. K.

'I have been practicing Chi Kung for 10 years. It has been a wonderful discovery of how this discipline helps; to recover and maintain health, to explore the inner joy of the connection with nature and the subtle world, as well as self-knowledge. Tessy is an excellent instructor, her experience of many years, her dedication, and love to the practice, make her classes deep and beautiful sessions that allow us to feel the fullness of the present moment.'  M. C.

'After a long time of looking for space where I felt comfortable, I finally got to this class, where I have been practicing for 3 years. It has helped me to deepen my spiritual growth, a door that opened and changed my life. Today I anticipate the Chi Kung's class with joy and I do my best to attend regularly, as the connection and peace I experience is hard to find.'  E. S.

'The practice of Qi Gong is a sublime experience by which I have managed to gather in my body, being aware, and the wonder it is. It is a way to increase my energy in a subtle and powerful way. Tessy is a teacher who takes you by the hand in teaching, conveys her wisdom with love, for which I am very grateful.'  A. M.

'I have 10 years doing chi-kung with Tessy. I have brought balance to my emotions, mental peace, strengthening my physical body, and I have acquired an expanded state of consciousness. Tessy is an extraordinary teacher full of patience, compassion, and also funny. She is a human being that everything she teaches in her classes she lives in her daily life. It is a wonderful and joyous journey. I invite you to try this gift!'  C. A.

'The practice of 7 lotuses was for me a beautiful adventure, which I enjoyed immensely. I was able to experience a transformation of my energy and my consciousness. Among other fruits, Chi Kung always helps me to feel good, more energized, in a better mood and with more observation skills. Tessy is a great teacher, very dedicated, present, and someone who invites you to live each class into a unique experience.'  I. B.

'Chi kung's classes are excellent and have helped to better integrate my energy. I highly recommend the classes because with practice the progress and benefit in daily life are achieved. Tessy is an excellent teacher of Chi kung and her classes are dynamic, clear and very beautiful. I appreciate being her student and being able to learn from her deep knowledge.'  L. C.

'Chi Kung has been an experience of reconnecting with my body, its flow and beginning to recognize myself with new possibilities. The practice has given me more vitality and harmony and has allowed me to make more contact with my life. Tessy shares her class with such joy and clarity that she invites you to recognize the flow of energy within you and open it to reach well-being in all our dimensions.'  E. C.