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The Oriental Transpersonal Therapy Diploma Series offers an introduction to eight different models of Therapeutic Human Growth, each presenting a unique approach to understanding human reality and to its healing and transformation.

This Path of Oriental Transpersonal Therapy is a journey to the deepest sense of self and sets in motion real and positive personal transformation. Therapy implies moving closer to our true nature and the experience of greater peace, balance, and freedom. It helps us live our true potential and becomes an essential part of our evolution and spiritual growth. This series offers a profound process that facilitates a sense of our fundamental Oneness.

Various spiritual teachings are rich in what we call today “Transpersonal Psychology”. We explore their specific “vision”, the understanding of reality from each proposed discipline, examining the practical and therapeutic applications, taking into account that their final goal is transcendence and Liberation.

The series was created by Carlos de León to serve the needs of Psychotherapists, Counselors, Therapists, and Healers interested in their own personal growth and in learning transpersonal techniques to enrich their work.

The four program series is a “wisdom aperitif” providing a basic understanding of each tradition with practical applications. Beyond that,  the series hopes to awaken our deeper interest in learning from other cultures and finding the universality of our quest.

Program Objectives

Reinterpreting and applying Oriental Transpersonal Therapy for self-knowledge, personal growth, and solving conflict. For each approach we are going to explore the following points:

  • Understanding of Reality;

  • Personality Theory;

  • Origin of the Conflict;

  • Partial Remedy;

  • Total Remedy;

  • Opposition Factors;

  • Applied Techniques from each Tradition.

Program Components

  • Part One: Tantra's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. The Body is the Mandala;

2. Kundalini; her Importance in our Evolution;

Prana Vidya

Awakening, Utthan (raising Kundalini)



3. Pratibimabavāda a Tantric Approach to Androgyny;

4. Swara Yoga; Balancing the Brain Hemispheres;

5. Applications of Mantra and Mudra.

  • Part Two: Yoga's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Iccha-Jnana-Kriya

Therapy as Opening the Heart: Bhakti Yoga

Therapy as Mindfulness Practice: Jnana Yoga

Therapy as Behavior Change: Karma Yoga

2. Raja Yoga, the Fourfold Practice of Yoga Therapy

Yamas, Niyamas; Opening and Purifying the Heart

Asanas, Pranayama; Awakening and Refining the Body

Pratyahara, Dharana; Quieting and Expanding the Mind

Dhyana, Samadhi; Unveiling the Soul

  • Part Three: Kabbalah's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Four Keys for Transformation

Emunah, Believe

Ratzon, Intention

Avodah, Practice

Oneg, Joy

2. The Tree of Life

3. The 7 Inferior Spheres and their Psychological Content

  • Part Four: Shamanism's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. The Trance as an Inner Journey of Self-knowledge

“Seeing” our hidden experience

2. Soul Retrieval 

  • Part Five: Buddhism's Meditative Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Compassion

2. Acceptance

3. Ekayana-magga, the direct path through Satipaṭṭhāna, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness; training to suppress, alleviate and eradicate all impurities or defilements (sabbāsava).

Contemplation of the body (Kāyānupassanā)

Contemplation of feelings (Vedanānupassanā)

Contemplation of the state of consciousness (Cittānupassanā)

Contemplation of mental objects (Dhammānupassanā)

  • Part Six: Japanese Zen's Meditative and Therapy Approaches to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Meditative Techniques

Deconstructing the Self, remedy to Self-Importance

Haikus, Returning to the Ordinary Here and Now

Koans, Transcending the Reality Cage

Shoji, Living is Dying

2. Zen Oriented Therapies

3. Morita

4. Naikan

5. Dohsa-hou

  • Part Seven: Vajrayana's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Guru Yoga

2. Yidam Practice, Active Visualization

3. Tonglen, Transforming through Compassion

4. Purification of the 6 Spiritual Poisons of the Bardo

  • Part Eight: Taoism's Approach to Growth and Conflict Resolution

1. Healing the 7 Emotions and the 6 Evils

2. Reframing through Chi Kung

We believe in a universal spiritual experience which is recreated by each of us in our own particular way. This course might also be seen as a journey into comparative religion through spiritual technology.

Carlos de León, the founder of  Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as    Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms.  Read more...

Program Format: Online Series of 24 Sessions (2.5 hours each). Class times may extend based on program content and student questions.

Language: Hosted in English with Simultaneous Spanish Translation

Location: Web Virtual Classroom

Program Material: Videos & Audios (Access on-demand), & downloadable PDFs

Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 2 years from the time of enrolment.

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“An awakening and discovering of the Self, like no other I have experienced. Be prepared to be amazed at every twist and turn of the adventure…”

“It has been a wonderful experience…the warmth and joy of sharing was a blessing of a strong and confronting fight with ‘myself”. What a blessing to have Carlos as our Teacher guiding us on this path…”

“Personal transformations, expansion, and growth are seamlessly integrated into a loving and safe environment. What initially felt like a leap of faith, in fact, strengthened my faith in a graceful way. Expectations are shed and the path illuminated. My ability to see love is unbound. I am forever grateful…

"This therapy process has changed my life as I removed the veils that covered my vision of myself. I got the courage to make the changes in my life that I needed to, and now I am filled with happiness and enthusiasm…”