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We welcome the New Year, our hearts linked to yours, praying for more light and wisdom to the world. These first days are the perfect time to set our intentions and hopes, to clarify and refine our desires, and to ask for mercy and redemption for our reality. It is a blessing that we are able to share this together and encourage one another.

From little to big, from ordinary to extraordinary, from the expected to the totally surprising, we can practice by acknowledging the beauty that surrounds us. We can move into the new year together, each filled with a personal dedication, our collective courage, and the willingness to take actions that contribute to a better future.

May your journey this year be sunny for you and those close to you;

May we all find peace, joy and trust, lightness and love; and know

Our wishes go out to you for an abundance of blessings in 2022!

Happy New Year from Carlos de León & the Ontogony Team


T'is the Season to share our Presence and the Spirit of Gratitude.


In this season of reflection, this time of the Winter Solstice representing the darkest days of the year, we feel grateful that we continue to journey together, sharing a search for the light. As we open to a greater presence, an expanded awareness, the appreciation of an underlying structure that helps us make sense out of our lives, we invite Grace to guide us through our uncertainty and suddenly there is a compass and a point of light on the horizon.

Perhaps what appears is a sleigh full of gifts, pulled by flying reindeer? Think of the metaphor: a vehicle for our highest hopes and visions, all the gifts that we aspire to manifesting magically, with the reins in the hands of the Divine. Or, perhaps we are the sleigh, AND the reindeer, AND the driver? What the reins represent is our connection to what really sustains us and what allows us to open the gifts we've been given?

Join us, the Ontogony Community as we open doors to more opportunities. Let us remember the gift it is to be living with presence these times of the New Normal. Let us link hearts in gratitude and extend a hand to those in need and trust that is a way to find brighter light for ourselves, and for the world.

May your personal re-connection to Gratitude and Presence expand during this time of celebration and may it be a beacon throughout the New Year!

Wishing you and your family many Blessings for the Holiday Season and the New Year!

In Gratitude,

Carlos de León and the Ontogony Team

Embracing Gratitude, Embodying Presence


Gratitude can be a spiritual practice, a state of mind, a way of life. It might also be simply the consequence of fuller presence; expanded awareness, appreciation of an underlying structure that helps us make sense out of our lives. 

 Meister Eckhardt, the 14th Century Theologian and writer and great German speculative mystic, is quoted saying, “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘Thank You’, it could be enough”. In the transcripts of his German and Latin sermons, he charts the course of union between the individual soul and God. The syntax suggests a system of relationships linking us to the divine and to every other part of the creation.

Something that we have noticed about gratitude is the more we scan for and acknowledge our blessings, the more of them there seem to be. Simple awareness follows focus, while Gratitude amplifies presence and Presence elevates gratitude. 

What if, during each one of the days leading to Christmas and for the 12 Days beyond, you expanded your practice to include this step: Let the morning begin with a smile and an intentional “Thank You”. Then, in touch with the love in your heart, your appreciation or gratitude, you made a point of sharing that aloud with at least one other person in the course of your day.

Speaking of symbols, the season has re-focussed the Reindeer, a creature associated throughout mythology with strength and mercy, royalty, nobility, honour and generosity. In Hindu legend, the Goddess Saraswati - Goddess of wisdom, learning, art and music-can take the form of a red deer. Among Buddhists, the Reindeer symbolizes the purity of Buddha’s teachings.

Siberian tribes honoured Reindeer as a light-bringer, ushering people safely from earth into their next existence. From the time of the cave paintings, this beautiful beast has been celebrated and valued for Strength, Courage, Endurance, Stability, Protection, Rebirth and service as a Guide. What better totem for the darkest days of the year? 



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