Path of Grace


GRACE, which Webster defines as “unmerited divine assistance”, has a quality of universality.

It is a blessing the falls on the world and all its creatures without distinction; something that is not earned, cannot be captured or commanded, is abundant and ever present. Universal Grace, independent of any recognition, is simply God’s action in the world.

That said, and continuing to set aside all thoughts of merit, there come moments when we, as individuals, get to experience a renewed life flooding our bodies or new love flooding our hearts; and, in these magical moments, Grace has become personal. It is a gift that does not simply give us a hand up; it gives us a resurrection. It is as though God has descended the ladder we were trying to climb and scooped us up into His presence!

This concept of personal Grace belongs specifically to the Christian and Jewish traditions; but, as a described experience, it is close to universal. (For example, in the Zen tradition, it is our Buddha Nature glimpsed in moments of Satori. Or in Dzogchen practice, what comes in the liberated experience of Rigpa.)

As we evolve, individually, we become more aware of our true potential. At some level, through our will, our intention, our availability, or no effort we can actually pinpoint, we may discover, directly, the presence of the Divine: a “felt” sense of meaning or of cosmic love, so rapturous that maybe we are tempted to stall our climb in the illusion that we are “there”, or fearing to move lest the lustre fade.

Although our lives and thoughts may continue as before, once based in Grace, we become more interested in justice, in achieving forgiveness, or full restitution, through divine Love. Ultimately, it is Grace the guides our steps and our progress, moving us toward our supreme source and universal purpose.  

If we are sparks of light covered by denser, darker karmic energies, like diamonds buried in seams of coal, then working to free each little light is our received destiny. To achieve complete liberation of ourselves and the restoration of full diamond brilliance  - personally, not to mention collectively - well…, further “divine assistance” is required!

The Path of Grace is illuminated by the faith that we share a spiritual resource containing limitless amounts of exactly what is needed for our next steps. Personal Grace comes, always and only, as a Gift. We do not control the timing but, when our hearts receive the Gift, it is never too late. 

Let us walk our path with confidence and courage, and share it in gratitude. Let us cultivate our connection to Grace with joy and awe. Let us practice in faith and love.

In this new year, may the whole world be showered in God’s Grace. And may your personal path receive a special blessing. The world awaits the Light that you, and each of us, can bring.    

May 2019 be a Year of Amazing Grace!


Last modified: Thursday, 28 February 2019, 4:18 PM