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Residential Retreat with Carlos de León
May 26 thru 31, 2024 

Enrolment is open to EVERYONE!

Important Update: Before registering for your lodging, please contact the Ontogony Team at to confirm availability, as space is limited. Reservations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Host Location: Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge, BC. This lovely natural setting on the shore of a pristine lake is part of the University of British Columbia's Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. Located 1.5 hours from downtown Vancouver, it is like an enchanted forest full of walking trails and wildlife.

Do you long for a profound experience of meditation to nurture your body, heart and soul? The Dakinis Intensive, a 6-Day Residential Meditation Retreat, beautifully located, offers both beginners and seasoned practitioners an opportunity to really deepen. It is a week-long intensive for new and current students that provides a meditation environment in which to cultivate ''The Natural Mind or State''. Meditation, long considered the "royal road" to enlightenment, has exceptional value and relevance for the times we now live in.

This retreat introduces the elements essential to the experience of a meditation practice for new students. For more seasoned practitioners, it offers a connection with energetic beings in feminine form who evoke the movement of energy in space. In this context, the sky or space indicates Sūnyatā, the insubstantiality of all phenomena, which is, at the same time, the pure potentiality of all possible manifestations.

Dakini in Sanskrit or Khandro in Tibetan means "sky dweller" or " sky dancer" and is the most sacred aspect of Tibetan Buddhism's feminine principle, embodying humanity and divinity in feminine form. Dakini practices are considered some of the most profound, graceful, swift, and blissful that we can learn. Dakini's practices are valuable, practical, and relevant in a world like this!

In Dzogchen, the Dakini could be considered the final of three stages on the Vajrayana Path: 

  • The first would be the Guru, corresponding to the initial realization of the true condition of reality introduced by the Guru in empowerment.
  • The second is Yidam, corresponding to devata meditation, the method used to develop the state discovered in the initial realization.
  • The third stage is the Dākinī, insofar as the Dākinī is the source of the activities based on guru realization and devata meditation.

As the Base, the Dākinīs are the energies of life; as the Path, they are the activities of advanced practitioners; and as the Fruit, they are the actionless activities of the realized Masters.

There is no prerequisite for attending this retreat other than your desire. However, we strongly recommend you review the "Mini-Series: Meditation Practice" as preparation. It will deepen your state of awareness and enrich your in-person time with Carlos de León.

Program Objectives of the Dakini’s Meditation Retreat:

  • To experience the profound benefits of sitting in daily meditation practice, inviting a messenger of emptiness, who may also appear in dreams to guide the meditator;
  • To advance in your level of meditation practice, and invite the dakini as a force of truth: wherever we cling, she cuts; whatever we think we can hide, she reveals;
  • To understand the essential practices—the fierce, powerful feminine energy which offers potential for enlightenment;
  • To gain a fuller appreciation of both the ''gradual'' and the ''instantaneous'' approach to meditative technologies; and
  • To clarify the best approach for your personal practice, with the goal of liberation.

Fundamental Practices and Theoretical Foundations of Vajrayogini, Tara, Ekajati

  • Invocation of Dakinis and Ekajati: Guru Yoga and Self-Empowerment
  • Thrul Khor: Tibetan Yoga
  • Dakini Yogas: Illusion Body & Clear Light Yoga
  • Tara Practices: Longevity & Wealth
  • Heart Essence of the Dakinis: Six Sutras (Bonpo Text)
  • Essential Guru Yoga Practice: Vajrayogini


Vajrayoginī is a Tantric Buddhist Buddha and a Dākiṇī. The essence of Vajrayoginī is "great passion", a transcendent passion free from egoism and delusion: it works intensely for the welfare of others and the destruction of ego-clinging.

Vajrayoginī practice belongs to the Mother Tantra class of Anuttarayoga Tantras, along with other tantras like Cakrasaṃvara and Hevajra Tantras. Vajrayogini is the female Buddha who takes forms like a dancing Dakini, a fierce, joyful, wrathful warrior, or a compassionate mother, single or embraced by her consort. She symbolizes the vibrant intrinsic power of altruistic love and radical clarity.

For Vajrayogini, this focuses on the transformation from ordinary grasping and clinging to altruistic, supreme love; it focuses on the transformation of our identity and the re-inhabitation of the experience embodied in the energy of the yidam, the deity of meditation. It is a practice that frees the mind from the confines of its habitual reference points. This practice is a profound method of meditation based on the Vajrayana view of the mind so that our identity is opened and aesthetically charged with the energies of the five wisdoms.


Tara is undoubtedly the most popular female Buddha. Her name means "star" in Sanskrit, and she is believed to possess the ability to guide followers on their spiritual path like a star. Her name in Tibetan, Jetsun Dölma, means " she that saves."

In some Buddhist legends, it is said that she was born from one of Avalokiteshvara's tears, shed in a moment of deep compassion. Other Buddhist legends, however, tell of a devout Buddhist princess who lived millions of years ago and became a bodhisattva, vowing to keep being reborn in female form (rather than in male form, which was somebody considered more advanced on the ‘Path to Enlightenment’) to continue helping others.

She remained in a state of meditation for 10 million years, thus releasing tens of millions of beings from suffering. Since then, she has manifested her enlightenment as the goddess Tara.


Ekajati is the supreme protectress of Ati Great Perfection Teaching, Dzogchen. She is a guardian of the Tantric Path and protects it from those who are unworthy. She removes obstacles to the lives and accomplishments of those who practice the Secret Mantra Path. 

Ekajati is the protector of secret mantras, and "as the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas," she represents absolute, ultimate unity. Her ascribed powers also remove the fear of enemies, spread joy, and remove personal hindrances on the Path to enlightenment. Ekajati  is considered the Queen of the Dakinis.

Practicing with Dakini "sky dancers" is the most sacred aspect of the feminine principle in Tibetan Buddhism. Both spiritual and erotic, ecstatic and wise, playful and profound, fierce and peaceful—beyond the conceptual mind's grasp. There is a place for our feminine being to be present in all its guises.

What Students say about a Meditation Retreat...

"Embraced by natural beauty. Inspired by wisdom teachings and meditation. Learning how to live, present, aware, and connected to our transcendental innate nature." ~ MP

"Fascinating, nourishing, unanticipated pleasure in my renewed relationship with the Divine! I am still eternally grateful for this experience and eagerly looking forward to the next meditation retreat!"  ~ PM

There is no prerequisite for attending this retreat. However, if you are new to meditation with Ontogony, we strongly recommend that you review the following online programs to acquaint yourself with the elements of a meditation practice. This will enable you to fully benefit from the level of teachings transmitted by the group practice during the retreat.

Mini-Series: Meditation Practice ~ Special Offer for Retreat Registrants: 30% Off! This offer is valid until April 8, 2024!

Workshop Series: 9 Drops of Clarity, Advanced Meditation Practice ~ Special Offer for Retreat Registrants: 30% Off! Valid until April 8, 2024.

To help you register for the Special Offer, learn more about the Path of Meditation, or receive further details on how to prepare for the Intensive Retreat, contact us at; we are happy to coordinate a Zoom Meet & Greet with an Ontogony Team Member who can offer guidance.

Carlos de León, the founder of Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms. Read more... 

Program Format: Residential Retreat of 6 Days and 5 Nights

Program Dates: May 26 through 31, 2024 

May 26, 2024: Arrive at 11:30 am for registration and room check-in, and the program session starts at 1:00 pm.

May 31, 2024: Closing session ends at approximately 1:00 pm, followed by a light lunch before your return.

Session Times: (Estimates only, due to the nature of Carlos de Leon'sLeon's teaching style)

May 26, 2024 — 1:00 to 8:00 pm

May 27 to 30, 2024 — 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

May 31, 2024 — 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Language: English

Location: Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge, BC; this beautiful property found on the shore of a pristine lake is part of the University of British Columbia'sColumbia's Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, located 1.5 hours from downtown Vancouver.

Tel: (604) 463-8149; Toll-Free: (866) 463-8165

Address: 14500 Silver Valley Road, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2R3


Program Material Access: On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for two years from May 31, 2024.

Accommodation & Tuition Options in Canadian Dollars, Inclusive of GST (Goods & Services Taxes)

Program Fee: Includes tuition, accommodation for 6 days/5 nights, and meals; 6 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners beginning with lunch on May 26, 2024, and concluding with a light lunch on May 31, 2024. Options for lodging are on a first-come-first-served basis. We recommend that you register early, reserve your choice of accommodation, and provide us with the name of your roommate(s); otherwise, we cannot guarantee your selection of lodging. If your lodging choice is a double or quad room and we cannot fulfil the roommate requirements, an upgrade charge will apply to your tuition fees.

Please Note: Payment Plans must be secured with a credit card that we can use to access our secure banking system.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Before registering for your choice of lodging, don't hesitate to contact the Ontogony Team at to confirm availability and ensure we have a roommate(s) for you to share with if you are not providing us with an option.


EARLY BIRD: Valid until May 15, 2024

Koerner Lodge: Single Room Option 

A – Early Bird: Koerner Lodge Single Room (Payment in Full): $2,359.88 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

Koerner Lodge: Double Room Option 

A – Early Bird: Koerner Lodge Double Room (Payment in Full): $2,238.60 CAD, due at the time of registration.  

Koerner Lodge: Quad Room Option

A – Early Bird: Koerner Lodge Quad Room (Payment in Full): $2,122.84 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

REGULAR TUITION: Valid from May 16, 2024

Koerner Lodge: Double Room Option 

A – Regular Tuition: Koerner Lodge Double Room (Payment in Full): $2,462.46 CAD, due at the time of registration.

Koerner Lodge: Quad Room Option

A – Regular Tuition: Koerner Lodge Quad Room (Payment in Full): $2,335.12 CAD, due at the time of registration.


EARLY BIRD: Valid until May 15, 2024

Johnson Yew: Single Room Option 

A – Early Bird: Johnson Yew Single Room (Payment in Full): $2,234.23 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

Johnson Yew: Double Room Option

A – Early Bird: Johnson Yew Double Room (Payment in Full): $2,118.46 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

REGULAR TUITION: Valid from May 16, 2024

Johnson Yew: Single Room Option 

A – Regular Tuition: Johnson Yew Single Room (Payment in Full): $2,457.65 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

Johnson Yew: Double Room Option

A – Regular Tuition: Johnson Yew Double Room (Payment in Full): $2,330.31 CAD, due at the time of registration. 

Program Access: On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for two years from May 31, 2024.


AGREEMENT TO TERMS & CONDITIONS: In completing your registration for the Retreat, you agree to the policy set forth by Ontogony Evolution LTD 2023-2024.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you cancel your registration after the date of registration, you will be subject to the following full program cancellation fees, plus an administration fee of $75. A credit memo for the outstanding amount will be applied to your student account. There are no cash refunds. All requests for any cancellations must be submitted in writing, to the Finance Administrator at Variable refunds for cancellations will be given, as follows:

  • For cancellation requests received 90 days (or more) before the first day of the program, 75% of the full program fee will be refunded;
  • For cancellation requests received 60 to 89 days before the first day of the program, 50% of the full program fee will be refunded;
  • For cancellation requests received 30 to 59 days before the first day of the program, 25% of the full program fee will be refunded;
  • No refunds will be given for cancellation requests received fewer than 30 days before the first day of the program;

The guidelines presented are those set forth by our host. Ontogony Evolution Ltd is required to adhere, as mandated in our contract with Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre.

In circumstances, where Carlos de León uses his reserved right to decline the admission or further participation of any person prior to or during a program, that person will be refunded either the full program fee (when admission has been declined) or a partial program fee that is pro-rated according to the program time remaining that he/she will no longer be attending.


Agreement with the following is requisite for enrolment in Residential Retreat: Dakinis Meditation Intensive Retreat (Year One):

  • I fully understand the Cancellation Policies as outlined for the Dakinis Meditation Intensive (Year One) Residential Retreat:, and the course materials remain accessible for viewing and review for two years.
  • I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and I am committed to the full program and payment of the full tuition. If on a payment plan, I will honour my debt from the time of enrolment until the final amount is paid in full.
  • I agree to provide a credit card for the payment of my financial plan and understand that my information is held in a secure web portal and hidden for maximum security.
  • Should unforeseen circumstances at any time require me to place my payment plan on hold or require me to seek further financial assistance, I will contact the Financial Administrator to reevaluate my situation. I am aware that this may result in a temporary suspension from the program which will be reactivated upon commencement of my payments.
  • I have agreed to respect the privacy of all the content shared by Carlos de Leon, and am aware that the copyright is held by Ontogony Evolution LTD. I understand the course materials: Videos, Audio, and Presentation Materials will be uploaded in the Ontogony classroom with access only function for the video presentations.

You can not enrol yourself in this course.