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with Carlos de León

Available Online ~ Access On-Demand for 6 Months!

Carlos de León shares concise teaching about meditation, fundamental practice for all spiritual paths. One of the essential tools for Liberation is offered in a series of four online classes. 

The Ontogony Enlightenment ~ Meditation Mini-Series offers a pathway for spiritual growth that has profound relevance for the times we are now living. For new students, it is a simple and direct introduction to the most important elements of meditation. For more seasoned practitioners, it is a clarifying synthesis of the fundamental points of Ontogony's proposal for a meditative practice with the goal of Liberation. 

Theory is further complemented by group online practices to help ignite your beginning and/or strengthen your connection to meditation. Whether you are new to the concept of a daily practice, or you are an advanced practitioner now seeking a more comprehensive understanding of your personal meditation practice, this series helps illuminate, or perhaps reset, the course of your journey.

Online Program Content:

  • Class One: Separating the Mind from our Awareness
  • Class Two: Embracing the Body in Meditation
    • Class Three: Flow of Pranas (Vital Energy) in Meditation
      • Class Four: Sitting in Naked Awareness

      Carlos de León, the founder of Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as  Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms. Read more...

      Program Format: Four Online Sessions (2.5 hours each). Class times may vary based on program content and student questions. 

      Program Material: Videos & Audios (Access on-demand), & downloadable PDFs

      Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 6 months from the time of enrolment.  

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      Payment in Full ~ Regular Fee: $138 CAD; due at the time of registration.

      Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 6 months from the time of enrolment.

      Access Renewal Fee: This is available only for purchase by students who have previously enrolled in this program. The fee of $20.70 CAD is due at the time of registration. This Renewal Fee grants you 6 months of program access on-demand in the Ontogony Online Classroom.


      There are no refunds for online programs (as course materials can be accessed for viewing and reviewed at any time). Once you have registered for the Enlightenment Mini-Series and/or other Online Programs, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and made a commitment to the full program and your full tuition is due.

      Please ensure that you have the following technical requirements to access the Online Classroom:

      • Device (PC, MAC, tablet or phone) with the ability to use  video;
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