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Theoretical Fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology & Principles of Ontogonic Therapy offers a complete vision of the foundational principles and the need for psychological work and transformation to support the experience of ultimate freedom.

The Transpersonal Psychology & Principles of Ontogonic Therapy presents both the vision of Ontogonic Therapy and the theoretical fundamentals for a complete therapeutic experience. The Ontogonic Body-Mind Transpersonal Therapy Online Growth Group is a complete program that can be useful for therapists and patients under the Ontogonic model, to clarify their understanding of the theoretical foundations of the practice. This is a complete program in itself and is a prerequisite for anyone interested in becoming an Ontogonic Transpersonal Body-Mind Therapist.

“We must give time to listen and enter into a dialogue between the mind and the wisdom of the body, so we can reconnect and recover what we have lost…”

~ Carlos de León

The program's goal to present the theoretical foundations of Ontogony Body-Mind Therapy, and further clarify some points that had presented difficulty in being understood in various training groups.

Through the course the student is expected to win more understanding in:

  • The “Consciousness-Energy” principles.
  • The workings of their unconscious mind and its power in our experience.
  • Their Karmic experience.
  • Their need for psychological work and transformation to support their ultimate freedom.
  • The importance of working with the Body and in the Body.
  • The nature of Neurosis and its manifestations in our daily life.
  • The value of sexuality in the process of evolution.

This Online Program is for people who want to:

  • Anyone who is interested in entering the field of Transpersonal Psychology in a practical vision of Liberation.
  • To students of academic programs in Transpersonal Psychology who wish to further explore a vision of Liberation and a therapeutic approach.
  • To the general student body of Ontogony, as part of their general education in human nature and awakening.
  • And, more specifically, to therapists in training and those interested in the actualization of the Self.

Program Objectives:

  • Explore the vision and learn the principles of Ontogonic Body-Mind Transpersonal Therapy; what can offer as an expansion of therapeutic skills, and as an avenue for personal growth and healing;
  • Learn practical applications of spiritual and psychological technology that facilitate self-knowledge and help integrate the divided self;
  • Discover a therapeutic path addressing the Humanistic, Transpersonal and Holistic aspects of the individual: i.e. Body, Mind, Energy, Emotion, and Spirit.

It is recommended to read, as a complement to the course, the book "Flow of Life” by Carlos de León. Once registered in the program you can purchase the book in Spanish and/or access the transcript in English.

Program Components:

  • Module 1 ~ The Human Energy Flow (Shiva-Shakti)

Consciousness and Energy

Dynamics of the Life Flow

6 Movements of the Flow

Grounding, Breath & Evolution

Etheric experience: Chakras and Kundalini

The Role of the Body-Mind Experience in Human Redemption

  • Module 2 ~ Neurosis

Origin & Dynamics

The Split Observer

Karma and Neurosis

  • Module 3 ~ Touch & Contact

Need for Contact


Defence Mechanisms

Emotional Plague

  • Module 4 ~ Sexuality

Sexual Functions and Area of Reach

Emotional and Biological Charges

Sexual Economy

The Importance of Puberty

The Energetic Experience and Superimposition

Sex, Consciousness and Evolution

Sex as Pleasure and Joy

Sex as Power

Sex as Evolutionary Drive

  • Module 5 ~ Personality and Characterology

Levels of Experience


The Shadow

Dynamics of Defence and Resistance

Development of the Characterology

  • Module 6 ~ The 5 Minds and Consciousness

The 4 Brains

The 5 Minds

Neurotic Patterns in the Mind

Therapeutic Goals

  • Module 7 Personality and Characterology I

The Six Body Characterologies

  • Module 8 ~ Body Reading

Methodology of Body Readings

  • Module 9 ~ Karma and Neurosis

Karma & Free Will

Personal Karma

Family Karma

Collective Karma


  • Module 10 ~ Personal Power (Shakti) and Trauma

Shakti and Neurosis

Inferiority Complex

Shame Complex, Repression, and Inertia


  • Module 11 ~ Fundamentals in Therapy I

Projection and “Spontaneous Therapy”

Awareness and Energy in Therapy

"Therapeutic Witnessing" from the Body

Regressive Catharsis

Following the Thread in Therapy

Integration Techniques

Therapy as a Style of Life

Levels of Therapy

  • Module 12 ~ Fundamentals in Therapy II

The Therapeutic Relationship



Therapeutic Personality as the Ultimate Tool


Social Role in Therapy

Neural Field Reconnection Therapy

There are no application requirements to register for the first year of the program, which is open to everyone.

Click here to download the Ontogonic Body Mind Transpersonal Therapy Training Program Informational Package

Click here to download the Approved Reconnection Therapist Trainers List

PLEASE NOTE: While this program is the basic prerequisite for further training in this field and for the possibility of certification, attendance in the Online Body-Mind Transpersonal Therapy Program, does not guarantee acceptance into the following levels of training. Carlos de León reserves the right to assess and determine appropriateness and compatibility on an individual basis. 

The following steps are required to be accepted into Year Two of the training program:

Step One: Complete a Personal Reconnection Process with an Approved Therapist/s, covering a minimum of 120 hours of personal therapy. In this term, achieve the goals of each Module as set forth by Carlos de León.

Step Two: Reconnection Therapist is to provide a letter of completion on your personal process and recommend you to the Ontogonic Year Two Program with Carlos de León.

Step Three: Your Application, forwarded to Carlos de León for his approval, should include the following:

A. Your reasons and motivation for participation in the Training Program.

B. CV of related experience both personal & professional.

C. Current Photograph

D. Completion of 'Survey Questions' regarding your personal experience of the process of therapy, and accomplishment of goals of each module. (Sent from Ontogony Evolution Ltd on behalf of Carlos de León).

Dr. Carlos de León, the founder of  Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as   Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms.  Read more...

Program Format: Online Series of 12 Sessions

Language: Hosted in Spanish with Simultaneous English Translation

Class Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours, based on program content and student questions

Location: Web Virtual Classroom

Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 2 years from the time of enrolment.

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Agreement with the following is requisite for enrolment in ONTOGONIC BODY-MIND TRANSPERSONAL THERAPY ONLINE PROGRAM:

  1. I am aware that advancement to the ONTOGONIC BODY-MIND TRANSPERSONAL THERAPY ONLINE PROGRAM is granted by Carlos de León.
  2. I fully understand that there are no refunds for the ONTOGONIC BODY-MIND TRANSPERSONAL THERAPY ONLINE PROGRAM, inasmuch as the course materials remain accessible for viewing and review.
  3. I have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and I am committed to the full program and payment of the full tuition. If on a payment plan, I will honour my debt from the time of enrolment until the final amount is paid in full.
  4. I agree to provide a credit card for the payment of my financial plan and understand that my information is held in a secure web portal and hidden for maximum security.
  5. Should unforeseen circumstances at any time require me to place my payment plan on hold or require me to seek further financial assistance, I will contact the Financial Administrator to reevaluate my situation. I am aware that this may result in a temporary suspension from the program which will be reactivated upon commencement of my payments.
  6. I have agreed to respect the privacy of all the content shared by Carlos de Leon, and am aware that the copyright is held by Ontogony Evolution LTD. I understand the course materials: Videos, Audios, and Presentation Materials will be uploaded in the Ontogony classroom with access only function for the video presentations.

Tuition Fees in Canadian Dollars (CAD) inclusive of GST (Goods & Services Taxes)


A – Payment in Full ~ Regular Fee: $1100 CAD, due at the time of registration.

B – Payment Plan (Five Instalments) ~ Regular Fee: $1200 CAD. The first payment of $240 CAD, due at the time of registration; plus 4 equal payments of $240 CAD, due on the 15th of each month following the date of registration.

C – Payment Plan (Ten Instalments) ~ Regular Fee: $1300 CAD. The first payment of $130 CAD, due at the time of registration; plus 9 equal payments of $130 CAD, due on the 15th of each month following the date of registration.

Please Note: All Payment Plans must be secured with a Credit Card that we can enter in our Secure Banking System or an Automated Paypal Deposit.

Program Access: Access On-Demand in the Ontogony Classroom for 2 years from the time of enrolment.

Access Renewal Fee: This is available only for purchase by students who have previously enrolled in this program. The fee of $77.00 CAD is due at the time of registration. This Renewal Fee grants you 2 years of program access on-demand in the Ontogony Online Classroom.

  • Device (PC, MAC, tablet or phone) with the ability to use Zoom with audio and video;
  • Internet Connection (1.5 Mbps/1.5 Mbps);
  • Speakers (device, USB plug-in, Bluetooth);
  • If you require further technical assistance, please contact us at

“An awakening and discovering of the Self, like no other I have experienced. Be prepared to be amazed at every twist and turn of the adventure…”

“It has been a wonderful experience…the warmth and joy of sharing was a blessing of a strong and confronting fight with ‘myself”. What a blessing to have Carlos as our Teacher guiding us on this path…”

“Personal transformations, expansion, and growth are seamlessly integrated into a loving and safe environment. What initially felt like a leap of faith, in fact, strengthened my faith in a graceful way. Expectations are shed and the path illuminated. My ability to see love is unbound. I am forever grateful…

"This therapy process has changed my life as I removed the veils that covered my vision of myself. I got the courage to make the changes in my life that I needed to, and now I am filled with happiness and enthusiasm…”