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with Carlos de León

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The practice of lucid dreaming opens or reopens the door to extraordinary possibilities and benefits. These include greater clarity and control, the potential resolution of psychological,  physical, or spiritual challenges; increased vitality, compassion, joy, playfulness and paranormal ability. 

In this Live Streaming Weekend Workshop, Carlos teaches the “subtle” anatomy of the Dream Body. Students explore the universe of dreaming, the function and importance of dreams, techniques for working with dreams and dreaming, and out-of-body experiences.

While “lucid” means “clear,” lucid dreaming means much more than having clear dreams; accessing, as it does, capacities not usually available in the “normal” waking state. By investing in and developing a dream practice, one can greatly accelerate the development of awareness and multiply the fruits achieved through meditation and even self-therapy. It can also be a source of wonder, power and mind-blowing fun!

Workshop Hi-lights:

  • Study the technique and meanings of Lucid Dreaming from the physical, energetic and transpersonal levels of being;
  • Learn how developing a dream practice accelerates the development of Awareness;
  • Discover how the practice of Lucid Dreaming opens, or reopens, a door to extraordinary possibilities and benefits;
  • Experience this path of development as offering greater clarity and control, the potential resolution of psychological, spiritual and physical challenges, relief from sleep disorders, enhanced vitality, compassion, joy, playfulness and paranormal ability.

Carlos de León, the founder of  Ontogony, holds Ph.D.’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 40 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation. As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as Ontogony: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms. Read more... 

Online Program Format & Content: 4 Part Workshop Series ~ Video & Audio Sessions with PDFs

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Program Material: Videos & Audios (Access on-demand), & downloadable PDFs

Date of Online Launch: October 17, 2019

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