About Ontogony


Ontogony names both a field of study and an organization devoted to that field. Carlos de León, the organization’s founder, coined the term, since none existed, to represent a multifaceted inquiry into the True Nature of the Self, an inquiry at once theoretical and experiential.

Ontogony offers a distillate of teachings and practices from a variety of cultural traditions; timeless wisdom and modern insight in a model adapted for the 21st Century. Ontogony is for anyone on a journey of multi-dimensional discovery.

From Greek roots that suggest Self-Realization or the Becoming of the Self, Ontogony offers students a curriculum embracing scientific research, spiritual traditions, modern techniques and ancient teachings with this ultimate goal: to expand our Awareness of the Authentic Self and to practice in Divine Grace.

Ontogony’s students in Mexico, Canada and Europe - connected by their interests in both psychology and spirituality and, increasingly, through the ease of the internet and online seminars - represent an international community of seekers who, by exploring and developing their own human potential, are fostering a culture of enlightened consciousness!

Carlos de León

"As a psychologist, I saw a need for a truly holistic approach to personal transformation: the Body, the Energy, the Emotions, the Mind, Spirituality - all have a place in a beautiful Gestalt."

Based on decades of his research and personal practice, Dr. de León concludes that “success” depends less on a chosen path than on the practitioner’s capacity in three specific areas: Energy, Clarity, and Conscious Awareness. When these are not robust and balanced the “fruit” of any practice is likely to disappoint, so the work at Ontogony, abounds with an opportunity to augment, develop or refine these capacities.

Ontogony Areas

Awakening & Meditation

As a spiritual and meditation path, Ontogony focuses on the development of the Observer and the expansion our energetic capacities for Awareness, Clarity, and Consciousness. A selection of offerings provide a map for spiritual growth with the ultimate goal of liberation.

Ontogonic Body-Mind Transpersonal Therapy

The vision of Ontogonic Body-Mind Transpersonal Therapy is that we observe the world and ourselves in it more clearly; to alleviate the ignorance that keeps us separate from the pure recognition of our Self..or what many spiritual traditions call True Nature or an enlightened consciousness. Ontogonic Techniques promote the transformation of neurosis and karmic imprints expanding exponentially one’s Clarity and freedom.

Energy Development & Chi Kung

Ontogony recognizes the open energy system in which we participate; its role in sustaining our well-being and, to an important extent, regulating our ability to grow, transform and evolve. Certain practices and “technologies”, both ancient and modern, can augment, purify and manage that energy, slow down the aging process, and promote aliveness. Chi Kung Practices offer excellent techniques for developing and managing Energy at both gross and subtle levels.

Healing & Shamanism

The Path of Shamanism and Healing seeks to know the Self and a greater Reality, by moving intentionally into the realm of the unknown, into the Great Mystery. In learning to develop your own magic and the powers to heal yourself and others, you set in motion a personal transformation that brings an infusion of meaning, a capacity to share or inspire, the desire to help and/or to be an agent for change and growth.

Judeo Christian Kabbalah

Judeo Christian Kabbalah contains a treasure trove of wisdom along with meditative techniques to facilitate personal transformation. It is a path centred on building our relationship to God through the practice of Prayer and Meditation, and our ability to open to the presence of Grace. These sacred teachings existed long before the written Bible, and belong to an unbroken messianic tradition, which invites us to grow in love so much that, in the end, through our love, we are able to see Divinity, face to face. 


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