Nature of Cosmic Presence


Energy is creation manifested, the presence, power and action of consciousness. All forms come from it, and it forms space and time. All that is known and unknown, the physical and the subtle, is energy. We are energy and consciousness.

It is easier to discuss energy, phenomena, processes, and the different levels of the physicality than it is to discuss consciousness. And it is easier to discuss consciousness than to discuss Love. Yet, at the cosmic level, this is what we are!  As human beings, we base our lives on energy, without realizing the truth of our consciousness and, even less, of our nature as Love. 

Energy has countless manifestations forming the universe as we know it. For example, the physical world is comprised of a great network of energies that are very condensed,   concrete and highly specialized. 

In contrast, subtle worlds comprise less condensed energies whose information is more universal. Like stem cells, these energies are adaptable, more fluid, less fixed in form.  At a certain point, energy is so subtle that no form is perceptible. Nevertheless, it is this energy that contains all the information of the universe and is what we call cosmic energy. 

Cosmic energy has been studied and differently named throughout history. Each name carries with it an interpretation of reality. In Japan, it was called “ki”.  Ki means spirit and is similar to the Chinese “chi”… not only life force, but also a vehicle of the mind or the intent. 

In Sanskrit, we have the term "prana", the energy of radiant life and consciousness that exists in everything. Names in Sanskrit can vary according to different traditions. In India, several schools of thought use the same terms with different meanings. Cosmic energy, in the Hindu tradition, is the level of manifestation where "Purusha" and "Prakriti", the universal subject and object, arise. It has also been termed "Bindu" and is represented by a blue pearl. 

The blue pearl is the condensation of cosmic energy often perceived in meditation states, the integration of personal consciousness with the vast, impersonal and primordial ocean of information where the specific ceases to exist; everything is the absolute All.           

In the sacred knowledge of some islands of the Pacific, an omnipresent energy that originates and sustains life was called "mana". Recall the mana with which YHVH fed the Jewish people in the desert. Perhaps the Biblical mana was a substance with a high concentration of cosmic energy making it a great food source, not only for the body but for the spirit as well. 

In Western esoterism and philosophy, a universal substance that is the medium for all others is termed "ether". With the development of parapsychology as a science, hypotheses and theories about the existence and nature of this energy have arisen. Czech and Russian researchers term it “psychotronic energies”, and western scientists call it ‘bioplasm”. 

Esoteric or spiritual traditions are not the only ones to discuss cosmic energy. Some western scientists, such as Baron Reichenback with his odic force, Blondlot with the N rays, Mesmer with animal magnetism, L.E. Eckman with the X force, De la War with pre-physical energy, Brunder with the dielectric bio-cosmic force, and Wilhelm Reich with orgone, have reached the limits of science, and discovered and discussed cosmic energy. 

Among all of them, it seems to me that Reich is the one who best understood the nature of this energy and its relationship to us. He named his energy “orgone” because it is the life of the organism and its maximum expression is the orgasm. He called the study of this "orgonomy". Through his work, he sought the free and natural expression of this energy.

In summary, we can say this about the nature of cosmic presence:

  • It exists universally and penetrates everything;
  • It is the source of all types of energy and the source of all form;
  • It is inert in itself. There is no entropy or wearing out at this level;
  • In its pure state, it is not manifested in the universe;
  • It contains basic, cosmic and impersonal consciousness.

– Adapted from The Flow of Life, by Carlos de León

Last modified: Tuesday, 30 April 2019, 3:45 PM