Ontogony... Birth of the True Self


We are born in a miracle, spiritual beings experiencing humanity; and existence in grace is our heritage. As to the Self, birth is by inspiration: the process of compassionate awakening and of self realization; of discovery, recognition, and the experience of our true essence, our true identity, our true nature, our true self. Whether or not we know it, each of us is pregnant with divine possibility!

Our divine essence is coded into the very cells of our body. All the prominent miracles of anatomy and biology belong to the puzzle; but not without some work on our part, and maybe some Grace, do we get a glimpse of the full and beautiful picture.

Primordial fulfillment arises when we are living a purposeful life with conscious awareness; attending to our worldly duties and activities, our obligations and the responsibilities we have been entrusted with; and all the while retaining our true conscious awareness…joy, love, light and wisdom at our core.

Imagine, if you will, that the knowledge of our True Self comes with us to Earth like a mission sewn into the lining of our flight suit. The “mission”- should we choose to accept it - is to realize ‘Who’ we are: to discover, to awaken, to actualize, and to experience our True Nature. That’s it!

The point of spiritual practice is that to facilitate the process. We strengthen in faith, honesty and acceptance. We build energy and capacity to contain our expanding awareness. Then, as we awaken, when physical body and the spirit unite in a harmonious embrace, we actually transform what it means to be conscious. In spiritual traditions the return to our divine self equates with Enlightenment.

As we grow in grace and wisdom and our reality expands, we experience, not only miracle of our own being, but the endless miracles that are all the beings and all the forms of creation across our wonderful Universe; and we can rejoice in the divinity of Everything!

Dr. Carlos de León

“God is always calling you back home to your True Nature” 

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