Our Team at Ontogony

Long established in Mexico, the Ontogony community is now growing in Vancouver. We are students and practitioners from many backgrounds, a diversity of professions and wonderfully varied talents.  We are a community of learners and seekers, eager to expand the boundaries of personal possibility, and of what it means to be fully human.

At our newly established Centre in Vancouver, you will find a welcoming team more than happy to be of service answering your questions and making recommendations. We look forward to meeting you. Contact any one of us by emailing and we will be delighted to meet with you in person at the Centre; or we can be in touch by phone, Skype or whatever modern technology.

aug2016-renate aug2016-catherine
Renate Geier: Business Development & Managing Director
Catherine McNeil: Financial Administrator & Operations
Sindy Taylor: Media Design &  Marketing Outreach
 “I would be happy to answer your questions about the Ontogony Centre, or any of our programs; to help you enroll and should you want to join our event or resource teams, to meet with you in person or by phone.”  — Renate “I am the GoTo person for financial matters. I can address your questions, set up payment plans, and even explore ways you might step up and offer your services to Ontogony.”  — Catherine I am here to welcome you, electronically and in person! Let’s work together to help spread the word through Facebook, posters, collaborations and outreach leads.”  — Sindy
Renate has integrated her more than 30 years of experience in the business of wellness with her studies of shamanism, bodywork, energy healing, meditation, spiritual philosophy & psychology. By walking in the worlds of both business and human development, she has created a dynamic and holistic approach to operations and team engagement. Catherine is a Chartered Professional Accountant with years of experience as a Financial Analyst, Comptroller and Director of Finance. Having left the corporate world in 2011, she now blends her financial expertise with her passion for energetic healing and her interest in the expansion of consciousness. Sindy loves using her artistic and creative talents to make a meaningful difference.  Inspired by people and organizations with a compelling agenda, she welcomes the opportunity to produce both graphics and products that help get the message out to the world.