Dancing the Elements is a therapeutic tool for empowerment and integration. We are the play of the elements; cosmic principles, in constant motion and manifestation. When the flow is free and balanced, their power is expressed in harmony and fulfillment in our lives. When obstructed, we experience limitation, imbalance, fixation, stagnation, and even illness.

Rather than something you learn, ‘Dancing with the Elements’ is something you allow to happen, a power of expansion and transformation that is surprising and unlimited. The flavor is of pleasure and playfulness and a softening of inner barriers. Refine your perception and open your heart. Recognize your Self in the dance of cosmic principles.

SHAKTI DANCE THERAPY: Dancing the Elements with Montserrat Payró

Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Time: 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Location: Ontogony Centre, 2667 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Early Bird Tuition: $40 + GST, after September 11, 2018, the fee is $50 + GST


In ‘Shakti Dance Therapy’ you can expect to:

  • Let go of fear and control and listen to your inner music guiding and inspiring your authentic creativity;

  • Discover bliss and beauty in the embodiment of the four elements and let them move your body;

  • Allow yourself to follow your internal dance and find how liberating and healing it is to express it fully, and passionately;

  • Give yourself permission to touch the world, and others with trust, openness, and spontaneity; and

  • Observe your own way of dancing with life and how much it tells you about yourself.

Montserrat Payró is a Mexican dancer and choreographer with more than 20 years performing and teaching experience in Mexico, New York, Brazil and Europe. Two-time recipient of the Dance-Web Europe scholarship and Mentes Quo-Discovery channel award for her innovative approach to dance.

As a Body-Mind Psychotherapist and Chi Kung Instructor with experience in Body-Mind Centering and Alexander Contact Improvisation. Her workshops offer both an artistic and therapeutic experience where dance becomes a healing vehicle for self-discovery and expression. Montserrat has been a spiritual practitioner for over 10 years and has studied Tantra, Kabbalah, Taoism and Ontogonic Psychotherapy with Dr. Carlos de León and Tantra with Maa Parvathi Nath.

A few words of student feedback:

“I attended Montserrat’s workshop thinking I was going to get in some dancing and perhaps a nice workout. I got something much more lasting and profound instead. Through the exercises, we did  I connected to some very old grief, which was a surprise.  Then connecting to my power animal,  I had the tools to face that grief.  In doing so I was able to connect with my full being. It was a phenomenal experience and quite a pleasant surprise.  She holds the energy of the room in a very skillful and artistic way.”

~ Bonnie Pariser ~ Certified Yoga Therapist/ T.R.E. Provider

“Shakti Dance is a deep therapeutic class where Montse leads us to connect to the body: feel it, listen to it, in order to let the dance within express itself through a variety of creative exercises depending on the theme of the class. The final integration gives us clarity, expansion, and joy of living. Montse is a master leading the sessions with a beautiful energy, presence, and great spirit. I definitely recommend living this wonderful experience.”

 ~ Tessy Bardavid ~ Chi Kung and Kung Fu Teacher

“To participate in Montserrat Payro’s workshops has been for me an amazing opportunity to deepen in my self-awareness as well as contact with others in a meaningful manner. Every experience has been different and more expanded, significative and rewarding. I am waiting for the next one to keep the track of my own discovery and development and growth in personal, social and spiritual levels.”

~ Horacio Lecona