Dance as a therapeutic tool for empowerment and integration. The natural flow of body-movement facilitates a process with a flavor of pleasure and playfulness that softens inner barriers and enables rivers of emotion to run freely. Rather than something you learn, Shakti Dance is something you allow to happen, a power of expansion and transformation that is surprising and unlimited. It is a never-ending path of growth and connection with Life, and with the Divine. 

Shakti Dance Therapy with Montserrat Payró
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location: Ontogony Centre, 2667 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Early Bird Tuition: $50 + GST, after June 15, 2018, the fee is $60 + GST


In this ‘Dance Therapy Workshop’ you can expect to:

  • Let go fear and control…and listen to your inner music guiding and inspiring your authentic creativity;

  • Discover bliss and beauty as part of your own essence and let them move your body;

  • Allow yourself to follow your internal dance…and find how liberating and healing it is to express it fully, and passionately;

  • Give yourself permission to touch the world, and others with trust, openness, and spontaneity; and

  • Observe your own way of dancing with life and how much it tells you about yourself.

Montserrat Payró is a Mexican dancer and choreographer with more than 20 years performing and teaching experience in Mexico, New York, Brazil and Europe. Two-time recipient of the Dance-Web Europe scholarship and Mentes Quo-Discovery channel award for her innovative approach to dance.

As a Body-Mind Psychotherapist and Chi Kung Instructor with experience in Body-Mind Centering and Alexander Contact Improvisation. Her workshops offer both an artistic and therapeutic experience where dance becomes a healing vehicle for self-discovery and expression. Montserrat has been a spiritual practitioner for over 10 years and has studied Tantra, Kabbalah, Taoism and Ontogonic Psychotherapy with Dr. Carlos de León and Tantra with Maa Parvathi Nath.

A few words of student feedback:

“I attended Montserrat¨s workshop thinking I was going to get in some dancing and perhaps a nice workout. I got something much more lasting and profound instead. Through the exercises, we did  I connected to some very old grief, which was a surprise.  Then connecting to my power animal,  I had the tools to face that grief.  In doing so I was able to connect to my full being. It was a phenomenal experience and quite a pleasant surprise.  She holds the energy of the room in a very skillful and artistic way.”

~ Bonnie Pariser ~ Certified Yoga Therapist/ T.R.E. Provider

“Shakti Dance is a deep therapeutic class where Montse leads us to connect to the body: feel it, listen to it, in order to let the dance within express itself through a variety of creative exercises depending on the theme of the class. The final integration gives us clarity, expansion, and joy of living. Montse is a master leading the sessions with a beautiful energy, presence, and great spirit. I definitely recommend living this wonderful experience.”

 ~ Tessy Bardavid ~ Chi Kung and Kung Fu Teacher

“To participate in Montserrat Payro’s workshops has been for me an amazing opportunity to deepen in my self-awareness as well as contact with others in a meaningful manner. Every experience has been different and more expanded, significative and rewarding. I am waiting for the next one to keep the track of my own discovery and development and growth in personal, social and spiritual levels.”

~ Horacio Lecona