In WHITE CRANE DZOGCHEN ~ A 9-Month Growth Group, Dr. Carlos de León offers the teachings of Dzogchen and of ‘Needle and Cotton,’ the soft form of White Crane Kung Fu. These practices develop the internal flow of chi in your body, allowing it to touch the external flow… which is everywhere. The unique combination of meditation techniques and personal energy development is designed to support the vision and possibility of ‘Instantaneous Realization of your True Nature’.

White Crane Kung Fu was developed by Buddhist monks in Tibet, 450 years ago, to train fighting skills and build the stamina not just for battle but for enlightenment. The White Crane system, originally called  “Lion’s Roar”, was created by a Vajrayana Buddhist Lama, named Or Da Tor, during China’s Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Born into a nomadic tribe in 1426, in the territory of Ching, he moved to the southwest with his family, who settled in the region north of the Himalayas now known as Tibet.

Dzogchen has even more ancient origins, reaching back to a time before the existence of either Buddhism or Tibet. The teachings derive from the Bonpo tradition, believed to go back more than 17,000 years, making it very likely the oldest spiritual tradition of our humanity. Practiced throughout centuries by masters of many different schools, more recently Dzogchen has been connected directly with the Mahasiddha tradition through the Nigma lineage; and, through Pratyavijna, with the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.

Widely translated as Great Perfection, Dzogchen more accurately describes the practice of Ground, Path and Fruition.  Rather than any perfection we might strive for, Dzogchen represents the self-perfected state of our primordial nature  – which is, and has always been, Perfect. Dzogchen likens that state to a mirror with its capacity to reflect what is in front of it while remaining itself, unchanged by any of the images. The Natural State is un-created. It is simply there to be spontaneously realized.

This cycle of Growth Group teachings is open to new and to seasoned students, and will be of interest as a completion step for Kashmir Shaivism Tantra students.

The WHITE CRANE/DZOGCHEN GROWTH GROUP is for people who want to:

  • Accelerate personal growth and healing by acquiring powerful new tools;
  • Learn a soft form of martial arts complemented by Dzogchen meditation technology;
  • Walk a path whose destination supports ‘instantaneous realization’ and the goal of spiritual liberation;
  • Discover dynamic approaches to increase Energy and Vitality, Body Strength and Agility, Clear Mind, Strong Will and Spirit;
  • Experience group work monthly which, through the mirror of the group, expands empathy, compassion, and the options for dealing with life.

GROWTH GROUP PROGRAM DATES: December 2016 to October 2017

Program Format: 10 Modules – Friday, Saturday & Sundays

Times: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Tuition Options:

AEarly Bird Payment Plan: $4500 + GST, after September 2, 2016: $5000 + GST

  • $450 + GST due on or before September 2, 2016, plus 9 monthly payments are payable on the 15th of each month, October 2016 to June 2017
  • $500 + GST due after September 2, 2016 plus 9 monthly payments are payable on the 15th of each month, October 2016 to June 2017.
  • The fee will be pro-rated if enrollment for the program is completed after October 2, 2016

B – Early Bird Full Payment: $4000 + GST, after September 2, 2016: $4500 + GST

  • $1000 + GST due on or before September 2, 2016; plus the balance of $3000 + GST is payable on October 2, 2016
  • $1500 + GST due at the time of registration after September 2, 2016; the balance of $4000 + GST is payable one month after date of registration; payment in full is due by November 2, 2016

Early Bird Rates Valid Until: September 2, 2016; after which time a deposit fee is required to secure a space in the program!

Ontogongy-Registration-DetailsRegistration closes on November 2, 2016, or when we have reached our maximum capacity of 35 registrants.

Module 1: December 2-4, 2016
Module 2: January 13-15, 2017
Module 3: February 3-5, 2017
Module 4: March 10-12, 2017 (Please Note Date Change)
Module 5: April 7-9, 2017
Module 6: May 12-14, 2017
Module 7: June 16-18, 2017 (Please Note Date Change)
Module 8: July 28-30, 2017
Module 9: September 15-17, 2017
Module 10: October 6-8, 2017

In the WHITE CRANE DZOGCHEN GROWTH GROUP, you can expect to:

  • Explore the vision and learn the practice of White Crane Kung Fu and all it has to offer as an expansion of martial arts and as an avenue for personal growth and healing;
  • Learn practical applications of the Dzocghen White Crane technology which facilitates self-awareness and help integrate the divided self;
  • Experience the powerful process of the state of Natural Mind, a fundamental requisite for achieving a deep state of meditation, and a strong foundation for all forms of spiritual practice;
  • Discover how Dzogchen teachings offer threefold levels of development: the Base, the Path and the Fruit.

Dr. Carlos de León, the founder of Ontogony®, holds PhD’s in both Clinical Psychology and Holistic Medicine. Dr. de León has spent more than 35 years in related research, study, and practitioner experience, particularly in the area of personal transformation.

As the founder of the Mexican Association for Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Development, he teaches and, perhaps more significantly, has developed the model known as Ontogony®: an inquiring discipline for the research, study, and development of liberating tools and paradigms… Read more…

A few words of student experience during the first 2 years of the SHAIVISM TANTRA GROWTH GROUP

“I love this work so much. Carlos’ teachings are profound and powerful… As if God’s breath ever so gently rippled through my veins, awakening my senses and deepening an awareness that I never knew existed” ~ SL

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