DISCOVER THE UNIVERSE OF THE UNCONSCIOUS! A Collaborative Event that took place on  November 7, 2017, with Dr. Carlos de León. Listen and learn about an extraordinary approach which blends psychology and science, ancient wisdom, spiritual traditions, a bit of magic, a lot of fun. Click on link and enjoy!


 ONTOGONY EVOLUTION & Dr. Carlos de León: The Ontogony Centre supports a multi-faceted inquiry embracing scientific research, spiritual tradition, modern techniques and ancient teachings with an ultimate goal of providing a practice in Divine Grace and a conscious experience of the true nature of the Self. The term Ontogony derives from the Greek roots for Self-Realization or The Becoming of the Self. Ontogony’s newest centre in Vancouver is part of a long-standing international community of students and seekers interested in developing their human potential and fostering a culture of enlightened consciousness. Because the curriculum is so multi-cultural and explores the depths and differences of so many great traditions, Ontogony offers a range of paths to anyone on a journey of real self discovery.

is the first commercial float tank centre in Vancouver to open in more than 20 years. It specializes in flotation therapy, an environment specifically designed to reduce external sensory input and to calm the central nervous system. With 6 locations in BC and Alberta, Float House is dedicated to the practice of floating with a vision of healing and higher consciousness. A plethora of data exists which empirically supports the benefits of floating. Visit Float House for more info. Float House founders, Andy and Mike Zaremba are also the hosts of Vancouver Real.

VANCOUVER REAL is a podcast dedicated to personal and cultural evolution. Brothers, Andy and Mike Zaremba, produce a weekly talk-show-style podcast in both audio and video formats from their street-level studio. In production for more  than 3 years  and with more than 120 episodes, Vancouver Real has become a hub for local, digital and offline community events. Covering an array of subjects, the show is dedicated to openness and curiosity.  The tagline: ”To Whatever Is” represents the hosts’ willingness to suspend disbelief and delay final judgment until ideas and experiences can be explored through a deeper conversation. Join those conversations at Vancouver Real.

COMMUNITIES JOIN IN A COLLABORATION: We are pleased to share a vision of raising consciousness with like-minded journeyers  and to pool our resources toward a possibility of greater personal and social benefit.

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Brothers, Andy and Mike Zaremba (Co-Founders of Float House and Vancouver Real) interviewed Dr. Carlos de León (Founder of Ontogony) on his pioneering model and his personal journey. The Ontogony model integrates Western and Eastern psychology, multi-faith spiritual traditions, and scientific teachings for purposes of healing and transformation. In addition the formal and classical education, the journey has covered martial arts, chi kung, meditation, a variety of spiritual practices, shamanism, paranormal phenomena, and alternative healing. Hear how working with the Unconscious through practices meditation, dreaming, therapy and floating can deepen and accelerate one’s personal and spiritual development!