Join us for a celebration evening on July 27, 2018, for an evening of devotional practices; Kirtan, Chanting, Prayer, and concluding with a Puja to honor this special day of the Guru.

The Guru holds the powers of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the whole reality. All that we can perceive in this world is a gift of the Guru’s grace. He reveals and conceals all phenomena, showing us the things we need, and concealing the ones we do not, so that we can unite with our True Nature. GU means darkness, and RU means light, and the Guru is the one who brings light into darkness.

When we bow to the Guru we bow to ourselves, as the Guru is the cause and consequence of us all. By the act of surrendering to the melodies dedicated to the Guru, or by becoming the offerings we offer, or just by being present in our meditation we are bowing to the Guru. In Guru Purnima, a full moon night dedicated to the Guru, we can tune ourselves with the Guru principle, the source of creation which is all pervasive and is the essence of love. 

Date: Friday, July 27, 2018

Time: 6:30 to 9:00 pm

Location: Ontogony Centre

Facilitators: Regina Penaloza & Renate Geier 

By Donation ~ All Funds will be contributed to support the ‘Ontogony Student Scholarship Program for 2018/19’

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Regina Penaloza has devoted her life to the search for consciousness through sound. Her discipline is based on finding the presence of God in everything and surrendering to divine bliss. Her musical practice has been present since her early childhood, always finding ways to incorporate poetry, and body-mind therapy into chanting. Regina has combined her love of spiritual practices, the voice, and body-mind techniques, in her new ‘Yoga of the Voice’ program. 


Renate Geier has had a passion for creating transformational experiences through sacred ceremonies and sharing spiritual practices for more than two decades. She is dedicated to her practices of Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapies, Meditation, and Chi Kung as a path to grow in consciousness and love. She currently offering Chi Kung & Meditation Classes and Psycho Corporal Body-Mind Therapy.