Body, Soul & Business is a path of development, designed in three-month increments, to nourish your authentic Self, strengthen the bridge to your social and professional roles in the world, and provide a support system to help you create the Results that you want in your life.

Taking 2017 as a Year of Universal Beginning (in a seven-year cycle), each quarter provides a renewed opportunity to achieve a treasured dream.  What speaks to you?  Where is it you want to Be in your life at this time Next Year?  Who do you want to Be?  And With Whom do you want to Be?  Is it time to make some decisions, set a course, learn some new skills, and take advantage of the supportive energy of a dynamic group?

As the saying goes, “…if you want to go far, go together!” Being part of a forward-moving support and resource group, getting crystal clear on your personal goals, and having “accountability buddies” not only makes journey more fun: it greatly raises in your favor the odds for your success.

BODY, SOUL & BUSINESS: Afternoon Spring Series ~         Planting the Garden: Seeding the New!
Tuesdays ~ April 4, May 9 & June 6th, 2017
Time: 1:30 to 5:30 pm (16 Hours of Teachings)
Facilitators: Peggie Merlin, Ph.D. & Renate Geier
Tuition: Sign up by March 15, 2017 for $295 + GST for the Series of 3 Sessions; after this date fee is $350 + GST

Ontogongy-Registration-DetailsJoin us for the 3-month spring cycle where we address both practical and  “invisible” elements of Success, helping you to • Clarify and align your Life Purpose with your Personal and Professional Goals • Embark on a Path leading to the Results you say you want • Experience high levels of Support as you take the Important Steps. The curriculum includes a workbook that you will continue to build, meditation and relaxation techniques, communication challenges and assignments that “stretch” your comfort zones, soft breath and bodywork to dissolve emotional “blocks,” and access to an exceptional support team. This course can stand alone and it continues in the fall to take you to the next levels of success. (Mark your Calendar for the Fall Daytime Series: October 10, November 14 and December 19, 2017).

02-17-web-icon-BSB-eveningBODY, SOUL & BUSINESS: Evening Spring Series ~ Let the Garden Bloom: Permission to Manifest!
Tuesdays ~ April 18, May 16 & June 20, 2017
Time: 6:30 to 9:00 pm (10 Hours of Teachings)
Facilitators: Peggie Merlin, Ph.D. & Renate Geier
Tuition: Sign up by April 1, 2017 for $175 + GST for the Series of 3 Sessions; after this date fee is $225 + GST

Ontogongy-Registration-DetailsDesigned for students whose time limitations are strict, these condensed evening sessions cover similar principles with the same intention for you to achieve more excellence with more ease: excellence by your standards and achievement in the areas of your choosing!  The evening sessions include the workbook and exercises which students can practice outside of class time.

The Body, Soul & Business Series invites exploration into various aspects of the business of life; the dimensions of the soul, and our connection to the sacred vessel of the body.  It opens ‘A Path for Creating a Life that You Love!’

The sessions are designed to include:

  • Connection and Sharing time: Witnessing and Being Witnessed;
  • Practices that Clarify and Expand the Vision;
  • Energetic Cleansing and Unblocking Techniques;
  • Practical Grounding Steps, Integration Work and Accountability;
  • Group Exercises and Homework.

About Peggie Merlin, Ph.D

Peggie brings to Body, Soul & Business more than 30 years experience designing and leading personal development workshops and working as an executive coach. Her students and clients have published books, founded businesses, won awards, and become millionaires. She is the former Director of Training for Context Associated, a founding member of Excellence Northwest, a former core faculty member at PD Seminars, and a former writer for the game show “Jeopardy!”

With post-graduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, her background is a blend of social science, business and show business, making her an unusually insightful and lively facilitator. She has worked personally with more than 20,000 course participants and mentored dozens of other facilitators. On a purely personal note, Peggie is an enthusiastic sailor, SCUBA diver and equestrienne. A native of New York City, with her home base in Vancouver, she has traveled extensively, living for years in both France and Mexico.

About Renate Geier. Renate is a certified instructor of 7-Lotus Chi Kung Canada, has been studying Chi Kung (and Meditation, Energy Work and Healing Practices, Psycho-Corporal Body Work and Shamanism) for more than a decade. She is deeply appreciative of the many gifts her practice has brought her; and it is now her passion to share these techniques, helping others connect to the natural flow of life and the universal energy of chi.

Pat Johnson interviews Peggie Merlin,Vancouver Courier, November 30, 2016: Exploring the Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions of Life…

A few comments from the attendees:

“Learned ways to connect work life with my spiritual life.” ~ CM
“I am taking away the reminder that I am an energy (vibrational) being, and that I can choose my reality, with a key step taking ownership.” ~ RF
“Love the content blend of head, heart and body.” ~ PH