Portraits have fascinated people throughout the ages, allowing viewers to discover and rediscover personalities. Self Portrait Art Therapy is a journey of inquiry using therapeutic art experiences to explore and heal all aspects of the self. 

If you are looking for a renewed sense of creativity and more access to your artistic healing nature, this path is for you. It offers techniques to improve composition and execution, an enhanced understanding of the creative process, and a deepened connection to one’s inner vision. Learn more about self-reflective therapy through art and how it affects a state of harmony and balance; complemented by the opportunity to produce an original piece of work in this weekend workshop.

Self Portrait Art Therapy Painting with Samantha Salvat
Dates: Saturday & Sunday, October 13 & 14, 2018
Time: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Location: Ontogony Centre, 2667 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Early Bird Tuition: $295 + GST, after September 13, 2018, the fee is $345 + GST


“In the beginning, the artist can be distracted by the focus on technique. Over the years, I have learned that the technique must serve the artist and not the artist the technique. There have been moments in my life when I have experienced a deeper voice within me, and in these few precious moments my work evolves and begins to speak for itself. Creating art is a way for me to discover and integrate who I am”.


Samantha Salvat, the artist, and practitioner, has exhibited in galleries, public spaces, and community events internationally for over 20 years. Her art studies, which started in Canada, have taken her to the United States, Mexico, Italy, England, Czech Republic and Spain. In addition to art, she is deeply committed to a personal path of integrative transpersonal transformation. Presently she resides in West Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and their two sons.

In this Self Portrait Art Therapy Painting Workshop you can expect to:

  • Expand your awareness through the process of visual art therapy and embark on a journey of personal healing;
  • Unblock your creative flow and engage your inner artist;
  • Learn more about self-reflective therapy through art and how it affects a state of harmony and balance;
  • Heighten your sensory awareness, develop your observer; and
  • Explore the path of Energy/Body/Mind/Emotion/Spirit – the humanistic, trans-personal and holistic aspects of the individual – as seen through art.

A few words of student feedback:

“I really appreciate Samantha’s teaching style. She is an experienced, credible and sensitive artist who gently solicits the sharing of opinions and encourages participation and feedback, thus creating a pleasant and relaxed forum for the lively exchange of ideas” ~ BG

“Samantha has developed a framework for classifying and considering works of art (structures of consciousness in art evolution) that is both original and thought-provoking.” ~ HG

“Samantha opened a space for us to connect to our energy flow, self-awareness, spiritual connection, and inner visions of life experience. As an accomplished practitioner and painter herself, Samantha has a way of teaching techniques that surpasses what I learned in art school.” ~ JM

“It was an amazing experience, Samantha has the eye of an eagle! As an artist she catches every detail that needs to be seen and works in a transpersonal way… she touches the core of every one of us !” ~ DM