Our DeLIGHT Gratitude Program, part of the celebration of ONTOGONY’s 3rd Year in Vancouver, has been a resounding success. Thank you to all who stepped up and committed to next steps on the path of learning, enrolled in programs, and encouraged friends to join us on the journey of transformation. It is your dedication to personal growth and transformation that makes Ontogony’s global dream possible.

WELCOME to ONTOGONY DeLIGHT50 GIFT is part of the mission of Ontogony to welcome individuals to our community who are searching for practices, tools and teachings to develop and reach their true human potential. By growing our international community of students and seekers, it is our intention to foster a culture of enlightened consciousness. We can each add a drop of light to the great ocean of the collective… and perhaps together we can impact the current tides of change and unrest.

DeLIGHT COLLABORATIONS: It is our intention to have “real time” contact with current and new students through the DeLIGHT Free Events and Collaborations. In addition to connecting on the ground at the Ontogony Centre, we have a virtual hub, our Ontogony Centre Facebook Page. A place to engage in conversation, share personal learning, and link hearts and minds across the many international communities and sanghas of Ontogony. We are pleased to continue sharing with like-minded journeyers and to pooling our resources toward a possibility of greater personal and social benefit.


COLLABORATIVE EVENTS: Our Special Event co-hosted with Float House and Vancouver RealTV on November 7, 2017 was a great success. And, we are please to announce our next Free Event is happening on April 11, 2018 ~ Register and Save Your Seat!

POD CAST: EXPLORING THE SHAMANIC UNIVERSE ~ JANUARY 17, 2018: Andy and Mike Zaremba interview Dr. Carlos de León regarding his colourful journey through the world of the Shamanic Realities. Learn more about investigations that include plant medicines, shamanic trance, and out-of- body experiences. 

POD CAST: EXPLORING THE WORLD OF THE UNCONSCIOUS ~ SEPTEMBER 13, 2017: Andy and Mike Zaremba interview Dr. Carlos de León on his pioneering model and his personal journey. Learn how the practices of meditation, dreaming, therapy and floating can accelerate one’s personal and spiritual development!